This Version of Britney Spears Singing ‘Toxic’ Without Auto-Tune is Surprising

Even better than the one you know and love?

When we heard there was a version of Britney Spears singing “Toxic” without the auto-tune, we were pretty sure it would be a complete trainwreck.

Turns out, we were totally wrong. While a debate waged online over whether this unedited audio of “Toxic” is better than the version we’re all familiar with, it’s clear that, while it’s not perfect, it’s pretty great.

In fact, we kinda forgot that Britney could actually sing.

Many were instant fans, voicing their opinions in the YouTube video’s comments section, including: “I was so ready to cringe, but this is pretty good. I’m starting to think this is better than the original,” “Why don’t they use these vocals for her concerts? It would sounds at least natural,” and “My first impression from the negative articles were that this would be bad, but I have a whole new level of respect for Britney now. She can sing.”

Not everyone was loving it, however, with comments such as: “Prefer the auto tune,” “Better than the original? Really people?,” and “Lol because she’s pitchy and nasally. If this is ‘pretty good’ for a multi-million dollar performing artist y’all have a pretty low bar. This is like bar karaoke good after a few drinks.”

What do you think?

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