This Video of a Fitness Guy Doing a Leg Press May Utterly Horrify You

You’ve been warned. Let this be a lesson: don’t be a show-off at the gym.

We get it, guys: you want the ripples, the bulges, the veins. You want to be like Bane of the Dark Knight, or the Incredible Hulk. You want tree trunks for legs, and cast-iron clubs for arms. We understand. But please — for the sake of all that is Holy — don’t go overboard on the weights for anything, especially something supposedly as ‘safe’ as a simple leg press.

We know it’s not like you’re at the full mercy of gravity. The weights are contained. But remember: your legs are made of bone and fleshy material called ‘muscle’, and if you’re not built like Thor, best take it easy. The weights can add up, and if you’re not careful…. This will happen to you:

Pick your jaw up off the floor. Don’t replay this video just to see it again.

Do share it, though, as a cautionary tale of what it would be like for you to get all hyped up on ‘roids, or the urge to impress the curvy hottie on the treadmill by showing off your freakin’ legs (don’t guys care about the arms and chest more, though? Legs aren’t the best male feature anyway!).

After all, you have to have those legs to show off in the first place.

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