This Woman Dedicates Her Life to Rescuing Bats

While it’s certainly an uncommon occupation, we gotta hand it to her: She does a great job!

Are you scared of bats? This woman sure isn’t. In fact, she rescues them for a living. People call her up when there’s a bat in a place it doesn’t belong. She take the bat out of the dangerous area and brings it home with her. There, she feeds it and wraps it up to keep it warm. When the bats are strong again, she releases them back into the wild. Batman would be proud.

Bat Woman Rescues Hundreds Of Bats | The Dodo

In all seriousness, this woman is a wildlife rehabilitator. Her name is Megan Churches and she’s a bat rescuer who lives in Australia. She doesn’t just free them from places they get stuck, she nurtures them back to health. Often times, the bats she saves end up in bad situations. Some of them get caught on barb wire, some stuck in houses, and some end up on dangerous construction sites! All of these situations aren’t safe places for bats, that’s for sure. They can get seriously hurt! Thankfully, Megan makes sure they don’t stay hurt.

As soon as she gets them out of immediate danger, she takes them home. There, she gives them baths, wraps them like little burritos, and feeds them. Most of them eat fruit by the way, if you were wondering (not blood). And something tells us they love being fed and pampered by Megan!

When they’re finally strong enough, Megan releases them into the wild. It’s absolutely amazing to watch them fly. In fact, they’re quite majestic.

So, what do you think of bats now? Not so scary anymore, right? For more batty adventures, be sure to follow Megan on YouTube and Facebook!

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