This Yoga Class With Kittens Will Make You Go Awwww

One more reason to go to yoga.

Are you a yoga fan? It’s not something I’ve really gotten into but you know what, this yoga class full of kittens would inspire me to go in a heartbeat. Although, let’s be honest, I’m not sure how much yoga I would actually be doing.

Revolver Studios, a yoga studio in St. Cloud, Minnesota, hosted a fundraiser for the Tri-County Humane society and hosted eleven eight week old kittens in her class while people stretched to her directions. As everyone switched poses, the kittens roamed and climbed and basically….were kittens. Kayla Koscielniak told St. Cloud Times, “I think a week prior ot hearing from (Revolver Studios), I found an article online about cat yoga.” She said that the class filled up in less than a day. Um, can you blame people?

The instructor planned mostly seated poses. Many of the participants were not only new to kitten yoga, but new to yoga in general. One resident said that he planned to attend to the next session with his wife. He told the local newspaper, “If I can play with cats, why not?”

Now, I think we all need to search out some kitten yoga.

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