This Zoo Orangutan Rescued a Drowning Baby Bird

What a compassionate and smart animal!

It’s not uncommon for humans to save animals, but when another animal does it, it’s impressive. This zoo orangutan did exactly that: He saved a baby bird from drowning! The baby bird had fallen into a lake in the orangutan habitat, but the gentle giant wouldn’t rest until it was safe.

Zoo Orangutan Rescues Drowning Bird | The Dodo

When the lonely orangutan noticed the baby bird in the lake, he immediately headed over to it. After a few minutes of debating what to do, he reached out a leaf for the bird to grab on to. He kind of used the leaf as an extended part of his arm and gently pushed the baby bird closer to him. He wouldn’t give up either, which was absolutely inspiring.

Eventually, he took matters into his own hands (quite literally too). When the baby bid was close enough, he plucked it from the water with his fingers and gently laid it to rest on the grass. He sat down by it and stared at it, anxiously waiting for the bird to come around. Sometimes he would prod at it gently with his finger, and it responded with movement! It was clear this zoo orangutan had just saved a life. And he was happy about it! After all, he just made a new friend.

What you can do to help:

If this amazing video inspires you, please stand up for orangutans. Their entire species is being threatened right now as we speak. Rainforest habitats are being torn down to produce palm oil, one of the cheapest vegetable oils in the world. Orangutans need these forests to thrive. To help save orangutans, please stop supporting brands that use palm oil. Look at the ingredients labels and do your research: Many large snack food companies, like PepsiCo, Kraft, and Kellogg’s use conflict palm oil, which destroys orangutan habitat. Don’t support these brands! Instead, take action and help support causes that help orangutans, like the Orangutan Foundation International.  You could volunteer with them, contribute to their campaigns, or even go on an eco-tour with them. The choice is totally yours. Of course, if you can’t right now, please share this article to spread awareness!

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