Touching Animal Rescue: Hunter Adopts Abandoned Fawn and Hasn’t Hunted Since

This love story started about ten years ago when a hunter in northern Spain came upon a wounded fawn. He nursed the animal he named Bambi back to health and the two have been inseparable friends ever since. Read on for more about this touching animal rescue story.

Aladino Montes had been a hunter all his life

He grew up in the rugged, mountainous Sierra de Peñamayor, in Asturias, northern Spain, where hunting was a way of life passed on from father to son. He had always been an animal lover, but his father had taught him to hunt deer as a small child and it was a tradition he respectfully practiced. He hunted for food and for sport, but all that changed one day some ten years ago when an adorable fawn named Bambi entered his life and changed it forever. He told Zoomin TV that he has not shot an animal since, and that he would rather die than take another animal’s life.

#1. Aladino and Beloved Bambi

Touching Animal Rescue: Hunter Adopts Abandoned Fawn and Hasn’t Hunted Since
Photo:: Bar Les Praeres/Facebook

This touching animal rescue story began a decade ago

Aladino recounted that memorable day to the local press. He had been driving his little jeep through the mountains when he spotted a few cows grazing in a field and behind them was a very skinny little fawn. Curious, he slowly approached the animal group and discovered that the fawn was badly wounded and probably would die if not cared for. He took the animal back to his home and nursed it back to health. His care and attention was indelibly imprinted on the gentle soul of this small deer and when it was time to return to the forest, the deer was reluctant to leave his side and he couldn’t bear to push her away.

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