Try these Magical Unicorn Macarons!

This treat is the brainchild of the Mac Lab bakery in Georgia and it’s taking the world by storm!

The unicorn trend is taking over the world, one treat at a time. We’ve posted before about unicorn chocolate and how the drink is gaining momentum in dessert shops around the nation. Now, get ready for unicorn macarons. This idyllic treat was created by the Mac Lab bakery in Duluth, GA. The bakery created the ode to unicorns after their customers begged them to make a treat dedicated to the mythical creature. These macarons are in such high demand that the bakery limits orders to five per customer.

Try these Magical Unicorn Macarons!

If you’re wondering about the origins of the macaron, you may be surprised. Macaron, which is a name that means “fine dough”, was created in Italy by a royal chef. The chef made the cookie for the wedding of Catherine de Medici to the Duc d’Orleans in 1533. The cookie is a simple dessert made from almond flour, sugar, and egg whites. Once the dessert was introduced to France, it became a hit. Especially in Parisian circles. The cookie was the premier dessert at parties and tea salons.

Try these Magical Unicorn Macarons!  Try these Magical Unicorn Macarons!

The cookies were served as singular treats up until the 20th century. That is when chef Pierre Desfontaines decided to use chocolate ganache as the filling between two macarons. The rest is history! Since then, macarons have soared in popularity and in flavor. Rainbow macarons were very popular a few years ago, and bakers infused the cookies with enticing seasonings. Now, most bakeries offer a variety of macaron flavors to their customers.

Try these Magical Unicorn Macarons!  Try these Magical Unicorn Macarons!  Try these Magical Unicorn Macarons!

The proper French spelling for the dessert is macaron but you can find it spelled as macaroon stateside.

The Mac Lab bakery adds a special touch to their macarons by dotting Fruity Pebbles cereal around the perimeter of the filling. The creamy filling is also infused with Fruity Pebbles flavor. The cute little unicorn figurine treats have made Mac Lab one of the hottest bakeries in the country.

Images courtesy of @mac_lab instagram

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