Tsunami of Ice Engulfs Minnesota Neighborhood in Chilling Viral Video

Imagine a large, creeping wave of jagged ice pressing its way into your home, swallowing everything you love. It sounds like a good setup for a horror flick. But Minnesota resident Darla Johnson experienced this terrifying event in real life.

The ice tsunami can be seen forcing its way over everything including trees, furniture, and homes. Throughout the video, you can hear a panic-stricken Ms. Johnson warning her son away from the ice wave. While It might seem like Ms. Johnson is being overprotective, she’s got the right idea. The wave is actually made of thousands of individual ice stakes that can be razor sharp.

Around the halfway point of the video, you can see the tsunami forcing its way through a glass door into a neighbor’s home. Someone suggests calling the fire department, but it wouldn’t do any good. Johnson and her family can only watch helplessly as the ice overruns their home.

Tsunami of Ice Engulfs Minnesota Neighborhood in Chilling Viral Video

National Weather Service meteorologist Shawn Devinny says that 30 to 40 mile per hour winds picked up an iceberg from nearby Lake Millie Lacs and pushed it onto the coastline.

WCCD TV says the ice tsunami was high enough to reach the windows of the homes nearby.

The Department of Natural Resources provided more information, saying that the wave reached as high as 30 feet and spanned about 10 miles of shoreline. Neighbors confirmed that the ice made its way into several homes through second and even third story windows.

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