Two Jet Skiers Became Heroes by Saving a Tangled Turtle

The sight of these two dudes doing that will make you feel high on life.

Whoah. Dude. That was….Aweessooome! (tweaking giggle)…. Like, the wave was killer, man, until these two jet skiers, man, came across a tangled turtle and did something MOST honorable in only a way Crush from FINDING NEMO would appreciate. Check out the righteousness for yourself, man:

You can’t beat that philanthropic, humanitarian awesomeness — and other big, cool, fun, honorable words, too — displayed for all to see off the lovely coast of Palos Verdes. The names of the dudes were Bryce Trevett and Angel Hernandez, recording whales some 10 to 12 miles off the coast (whales?? Are they crazy??).

They were waaaaay out there when they noticed the tangled turtle struggling, which as you know can be dangerous for those lovely little shell-backs. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the dudes to set the little guy free, and he went sailing deep down into the big blue to seek, yet, another adventure. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. He’ll be back.

Balloons suck, man. Don’t. Ever. Throw. Old. Balloons. Into. The ocean. Ever. Or I’ll conjure a big kahuna to drown your sorry little ass.

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