UNC’s Service Dog Remington Isn’t Any Mascot — He’s so Much More!

You can imagine ANY service dog jumping for joy having THIS for a job.

Except this ain’t no job. This is simply playing for a team. The prestige. The cornerstone for getting baseball players where they need to be when injured. Believe it or not, service dogs — typically serving as aides for for PTSD survivors and the disabled — can even serve for baseball teams! Who knew? Check out the video and fall in love with this lovely golden retriever named “Remington.”

If you’re a lady, and you love some dogs (especially the golden retriever kind), we’re pretty sure you’re all fluffy and fuzzy with good feelings over Remington, or “Remi” for short. As you can see, Remi isn’t a mascot, although he might be confused for one.

No, Remi is a full-fledged teammate. And an important one.

UNC's Service Dog Remington Isn't Any Mascot -- He's so Much More!

You’re looking at this North Carolina’s baseball team’s psychiatric medical alert facility rehabilitation service dog (that is Remi’s job title), a 2-year-old real-life “Air Bud” brought on by the franchise’s athletic trainer Terri Jo Rucinski, allowing players to recover from surgery in the best possible way: with man’s best friend.

Of course, Remi can do a whole lot more than just make the baseball players smile and see light at the end of the tunnel while injured from doing what they love on the diamond. Since August of 2016, Remington had learned an astonishing 100 commands to assist the team — including “reading.” Actual reading. Apparently Remi can read commands written on cue cards.

He also helps out his team in other ways, like carrying balls in a bucket for the empire before games, holding a hat or glove during the national anthem as a sign of morale, patriotism and positivism.

He can even open the fridge for the other players to grab a cold one. Cool!

Let’s put Remi in a baseball hall of fame now, please.


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