Unhappy At Work? Consider This Before You Quit.

Staffing firm Accountemps provides these tips if you want to leave your job.

Unhappy At Work? Consider This Before You Quit.

Staffing firm Accountemps just released an interesting infographic addressing the regrets people have about quitting their job. In a recent survey they conducted, Accountemps learned that 23 percent of works they polled admitted to having regrets about leaving their job. These include saying goodbye to close coworkers, leaving for the wrong reasons, and leaving a good boss. Six in 10 workers also would consider returning to a former employer. And how that would happen? Better pay (is anyone else not surprised about that?)

These regrets bring about some things to consider before you leave your job. Accountemps offered some suggestions and steps to take when considering leaving the company.

The first? Address dissatisfaction. Basically, if you don’t like something, say it. Talk to your boss about your woes and maybe – just maybe – things will change.

Also, talk about your career path with your employer. Let them know if you are interested in bigger opportunities or if you want to feel more challenged.

Another one they suggest is to take a break. You may just be feeling burned out by your work load. So take a vacation and get away from the office.

Do your research. So, if you are leaving due to low pay, make sure you know what the competitive salary is in your field. Take the time to figure out what others are making and what you could be making elsewhere.

Lastly? If you are not sure about leaving, network. Reach out to colleagues and former coworkers to find out what employment market is for the career you are considering.

Now if you’ve taken the leap and know you want to move on, or have accepted an offer, Accountemps has a few tips for you too.

First, exit gracefully. Try and give your boss two weeks notice. That’s the best way to avoid burning bridges.

Take counteroffers with a grain of salt. Although it’s tempting, avoid those counteroffers because that won’t get rid of the problem that made you leave in the first place.

Give helpful feedback. In the exit interview, if you receive one, give honest feedback about how things should change. If you are not offered one, ask for it.

And lastly stay in touch! This is the best way to keep good references and transition to your new job. It’s also a good way of avoiding that number one regret people have over leaving a job.

So, happy job hunting people!

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