Wanna Adopt a TSA dog?

The TSA has pets available for adoption

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is tasked with keeping travelers safe as they make their way between countries and states. To do this, they enlist the help of specially trained canines. These canines work with TSA custom agents to sniff for bombs, drugs, and other unsavory items.

These dogs are put through a rigorous training program, but not all of them make the cut. So, TSA has started a new venture called the TSA Canine Training Center Adoption Program.

Wanna Adopt a TSA dog?

This program is for all the dogs that can’t meet all the standards for the TSA training center. Most of these dogs lack home training but that doesn’t mean they’re untrainable. They just weren’t fit for government service.

Now the TSA Adoption program is not just for TSA dropouts, it’s also for dogs that have retired from the agency. Yes, dogs can retire too.

To get started, interested owners have to submit an application to the TSA program. The agency reviews applications based on a set of requirements laid out on their website. Everything is on a first come, first served basis so be prepared.


  • Home must have a fenced-in yard
  • You cannot move within the first year of adopting the dog
  • You must provide the dog with proper training and medical care
  • If you already have pets, they must be vaccinated
  • You must NOT be in violation of any local pet ordinances

The Process

Once you’ve filed the application, the next step is completing a reality checklist. The agency reviews both and if you pass, they will either place you on a waiting list or let you know the availability of dogs.

Wanna Adopt a TSA dog?  Wanna Adopt a TSA dog?

The agency will send approved candidates profiles of the dogs. Then, you must fly to San Antonio, Texas to meet the dogs in person.

The adoption process takes days or weeks and you will be expected to bring a collar, leash, and shipping crate on the pick-up date. The agency will also provide you with copies of the dogs medical records, dog food, and medicine. You will also be required to fill out a microchip registration and “covenant not to sue with indemnity.”

About The Dogs

The dogs are all neutered, spayed, and vaccinated. They cannot be used for breeding purposes. The agency will not ship dogs to potential owners. You must come to the San Antonio facility. This is a no-cost adoption.

Many of the dogs are Labrador retrievers or German shorthaired pointers. Any special breed requests will extend your wait time.

These dogs are hyperactive and will require a lot of attention. It can take them three months to adjust to the home. They are trained to be in crates and have a bit of explosives training.

Go to TSA.gov to learn more

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