Watch as a Whole Litter of Puppies Are Rescued From a Muddy Hole

Animal rescuers are true heroes.

The Michigan Humane Society rescued a whole litter of puppies from a muddy hole before a flash flood came that could have drowned them.

These pups were probably born strays, and the hole was their den. But, it had started to fill up with water and they needed to be taken out from there ASAP.

The trouble was, the rescuers had no idea how many were in there, so they just had to keep going until they found them all.

They soon spotted the puppies’ mom, too, so they had to try to catch her, too. We don’t want to give away the outcome of the video, so just watch for yourself.

Take a look at the video below and try to guess how many puppies were in that hole.

Watch the amazing rescue of this litter of puppies

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