Watch the Gravity Cat Commercial!

There once was a time when television ads were the foremost method of advertising products. Companies spent millions of dollars and months of planning to execute the perfect commercial. Sometimes, celebrities were cast and special effects were used to make everything pop.

Nowadays, the only time we see these big-budget feature ads are during Superbowl season and they are highly underwhelming. Nobody remembers them the next day.

But our friends in the Far East are still keeping with the tradition of eye-catching media.

Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo Inc. joined forces with the Tohokushinsha Film Corporation to create an ad-spot for a video game release.

The game: Gravity Rush 2 (Gravity Daze). The game enables players to control gravity by using special controls.

Watch the Gravity Cat Commercial!

The company: Playstation Japan. Playstation is a subdivision of the Sony entertainment group. Launched in 1993, the company has grown to include game consoles, cellular phones, media centers, controllers and more.

Hakuhodo and Tohokushinsha came up with an idea to incorporate the theme of gravity into a commercial.

The commercial is known as “Gravity Cat” and in its entirety, the commercial lasts for four minutes.

The cat literally defies gravity as two sisters chase it around an apartment that literally turns upside down.

To film, the directors had to rig a camera to circle the entire circumference of the apartment. Directors also had to work with a live cat.

The commercial won two awards including a grand prize at the One Show. It also won the Best Branded entertainment and film award at the New York Festival.

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