Watch This Moose Chase Some Snowboarders Down Breckenridge Ski Hill

Well, sort of…. But piss the moose off, and you’re in trouble, right?

Can’t imagine how that snowboarder was feeling when looking across the way to see this massive horned monster of a moose galloping in the snow like a prehistoric titan. Not something you see every day at any ski resort, let alone Breckenridge, Colorado. Check out the video for yourself for some of the details:

All it would take is one hard left turn, and that female snowboarder would be totally toast. No one would want to get trampled by this one-moose stampede of epic proportions. The crazy thing is you have to know that a snowboarder can really powder it up and get some good mileage, and yet the moose somehow was able to go back in time like a DeLorean would with Doc and Marty inside.

One thing you’ve got to wonder: what the heck was the moose running from that fast? ….That’s the paralyzing question. Just remember, folks: they were at a ski resort: can you say avalanche?

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