We Just Discovered a New Species of Shark, and It Glows in the Dark

Plus it has a weird, big nose, and you won’t believe just how little this fish is.

It just happened to be by chance that a team of scientists caught a glimpse of this little alien shark 1K feet below in the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, and here’s the crazy part: it took them more than 17 years to actually discover it in the wild! Check out this video:

And, yes, this shark somehow glows in the dark. Like a freakin’ jellyfish. Not only that, but this arguably may be the smallest shark in existence, only measuring less than a foot long and weighing under 2 pounds. So it’s tiny. And weird-looking, because of its unusually big nose.

The freakish thing about the fact that we’ve discovered yet another species of anything in this big thing called the ‘ocean’ really is more proof that we have no idea what else is down there. After all, we’ve only explored, what, about a quarter of the entire ocean? That should tell you something:


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