#WerkForPeace LGBT Activists Throw Twerk Party On Mike Pence’s Lawn

Some Say It’s Not The First Time A Guy Has Twerked For “Daddy Pence”

American Vice President Mike Pence has made some fabulous enemies thanks to his political stances on LGBT issues. This past Wednesday, a flash mob of Queer activists assembled on Pence’s front lawn for a shindig, and flamboyant chaos ensued.


Werk for Peace, the masterminds behind the protest, organized it just days before his inauguration. They described it as a “Queer Dance Party At Mike Pence’s House” on their Facebook page. Over 200 protesters put on their flashiest outfits and went marching, dancing, and twerking across Mike Pence’s quiet Maryland neighborhood. Many of the protesters carried signs that read “Trans Power” and “Big Daddy Mike.” Many of Pence’s neighbors are LGBT sympathizers and hung rainbow flags outside their homes. Some even joined in!

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