Woman Kills Her Mother Over A Cat

Mother/Daughter fights are common but rarely do they ever become deadly.  This is especially true when a feline is involved. But that wasn’t the case in this Brooklyn mother/daughter dispute.

Sixty-seven-year-old Barbara Kirby and her daughter, Chandra Sutton, got into a heated argument over Sutton’s cat, Grayson.

Sutton is a drinker with a criminal background including charges for prostitution and resisting arrest. She was at her mother’s house when the dispute began. She was upset because her aunt refused to house her cat, Grayson.

Woman Kills Her Mother Over A Cat
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Sutton and Kirby got into a scuffle in Kirby’s bedroom. Kirby’s husband intervened after he heard Kirby scream.

The aunt, Barbara Kirby’s sister, was distraught after the death. Her brother, Willie Logan, claims that she refused to keep the cat because she was asthmatic.

However, this didn’t stop Sutton from sneaking the cat into her mother’s house. An argument ensued, and when her husband entered the room, he found his wife passed out on the floor with blood gushing from her head.

Sutton was standing over her, telling her to get up. The mother was rushed to Kings County hospital where she suffered from cardiac arrest. Doctors pronounced her brain dead at the hospital and connected her to life support machines.

Woman Kills Her Mother Over A Cat  Woman Kills Her Mother Over A Cat
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The family decided to pull the plug a few days later.  Sutton has initially been charged with assault and is currently in custody on $15,000 bail. Authorities claim her charges have been upgraded to murder.

Her cat, Grayson, is currently living with one of her neighbors.


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