Woman Published Touching Obituary for Her Pet

After some struggle getting it published, woman’s touching obituary moves pet owners everywhere.

If you have a pet or you have had one, you know the impact they have on your life. They become like your family. And after the loss of her dog Brian, a greyhound mix, she wanted to write about it. Lee DiBella told Inside Edition, “I thought you know if he was a person and there was an obituary what would it say?” She typed it up when she got home.

According to Inside Edition, she had some trouble with getting her local newspaper to post the obituary after they learned it was for a dog. But then when she tweeted at NBC, they posted her pup’s obituary in full.

Part of the obituary reads, “In his spare time, Brian dreamt violently, thrashing his legs, presumably chasing dastardly felines or squirrels who dared enter his dreams. The quickest way to Brian’s heart was with a quality scratch of his rear, and a rub of his belly. Brian will be greatly missed by many, but none more so than his mom.”

Source: Watertown Woman Writes Touching, Humorous Obit For Pet Dog | NBC Connecticut http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Watertown-Woman-Writes-Touching-Humorous-Obit-For-Pet-Dog-435447703.html#ixzz4nn9GJIXP
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