Woman Swallows Fifty-Seven $100 Bills

The woman was trying to hide the money from her husband

A Colombian woman was hospitalized after she swallowed $7,000 worth of USD $100 bills. The 30-year-old woman swallowed the 57 $100 after a domestic dispute with her husband.

Woman Swallows Fifty-Seven $100 Bills
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According to local authorities, the woman was saving the money for a vacation with her husband, However, after an intense argument, the woman decided to hide the money from her husband to prevent him from spending it.

She was taken to the University Hospital of Santander under the care of Juan Paolo Serrano, the director of surgery.

Woman Swallows Fifty-Seven $100 Bills  Woman Swallows Fifty-Seven $100 Bills

Dr. Serrano told the Associated Press,

“She ate rolls of bills, they were not wrapped up for any illicit form of transport. It seems it was an act of desperation by this woman, due to the problem she was facing, to ingest these elements, and this of course affects the patient’s normal intestinal functioning and life.”

The doctors had to perform surgery to remove the bills from the woman’s stomach. They were able to retrieve most of the money, but the rest had to be processed through her intestines and passed through bowel movements.

Woman Swallows Fifty-Seven $100 Bills  Woman Swallows Fifty-Seven $100 Bills  Woman Swallows Fifty-Seven $100 Bills
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The doctor went on to explain,

“Fifty-seven 100-dollar bills were found and extracted by the orifice opened in the stomach in the gastronomy, through which some extra rolls of money were found in the intestine, which advanced to the colon, the lower part of the intestine, in order to be evacuated by normal means through the patient’s intestinal movements.”

The doctor confirms that the woman received the money legally and was not involved in any illicit activity. Apparently, she acquired the money by selling electronic household items.

Swallowing the money was no easy feat. The woman had to roll the bills and swallow them individually.

We added some video of the surgical procedure, and as you can see, the doctors recovered a large amount of bills.

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