What Is ‘Yeti Butting’ and Why Are College Girls Doing It Now?

We seriously don’t get it. We’re not complaining, though! We just don’t get it….

Apparently, yeti butting has nothing to do with a battering ram and Bigfoot in the alps or anything. Rather, it’s called “yeti butting” simply because hot ladies (generally of the college kind) end up sitting on what’s called a yeti cooler (hence the term “yeti butting”) with a photo taken from behind. You then get to see the fine Christmas hams pressed firmly on top of the cooler as the line of the thong completely vanishes into the dark paradise never to be seen again until the chick gets up for whatever reason.

Sure, it looks pretty hot. It’s not the best kind of look, but we get a good glimpse on the goods of a girl showing off her stuff. It’s just another reason why trends happen so darn quickly, especially when they happen right on Instagram. Maybe these college chicks are just bored or something! Too much studying has messed with their brains, so they’re taking off more clothes and sitting on coolers. Makes no sense.

But, again…. We’re not complaining. Check out some hot samples here!

What Is 'Yeti Butting' and Why Are College Girls Doing It Now?

Okay. No. That’s not right. Get with the program here. Show us the real freakin’ pics, please!

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