Brisbane Artist Paints 100 Portraits of Shelter Dogs and Encourages Adoption

This artist just won the award for animal philanthropist of the millennium.

His name’s Stephen Gallagher of Brisbane, Australia. And this Brisbane artist really likes dogs. A lot. So much so that he recently finished 100 portraits of oil canvas, and each painting is of a dog. We’re talking about a ton of staffies, Jack Russells, border collies, pit bulls, and probably a bunch of other breeds.

But Gallagher didn’t just paint these for his gallery. He painted them with a bigger picture in mind:

Brisbane Artist Paints 100 Portraits of Shelter Dogs and Encourages Adoption

He painted them because these dogs deserve a home. Each and every one of these paintings happens to be of a real dog — currently living in a shelter.

The Brisbane artist had apparently collaborated with the prestigious Animal Welfare League to assign lovely dogs in shelters clear across southeast Queensland in an effort to develop these paintings in the best possible way. The resulting promotion of these paintings has done wonders for these shelters, too, so it turns out that Gallagher hit an emotional note.

Each painting not only represents a real dog — but a real personality.

On a funny note…. Gallagher had a hard time getting some of these dogs to sit still as he painted each and every one of them (remember: 100 portraits total!). Most of them had to be painted by photograph.

But Gallagher said it was all worth it: because, to him, after he finished all 100 portraits, it felt like he had adopted all of them for himself.


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